The Best Ways to Waste Time Productively on Reddit

Reddit can be a huge time suck. With insanely clickable subreddits (or communities, for the unfamiliar) like /r/aww or /r/showerthoughts, it’s incredibly easy to eat into productivity as you venture further down the rabbit hole, finding new subreddits and juicy posts with lively discussion.

Started in 2005, Reddit now attracts 542 million monthly visitors and lands in the top 10 most-visited sites in the US with its quirky UX and sometimes even quirkier fanbase. Also called “the front page of the Internet”, Reddit aggregates thousands of communities, allowing anyone to create a subreddit around an interest while operating on a system of upvotes and downvotes in an attempt to keep threads on topic and relevant-ish.

As someone who would never, ever want to see a cumulative tally of the time I’ve spent on Reddit, my browsing has, hopefully, become a little more productive and helpful. As I’ve learned more about blogging, sales, marketing, eCommerce and small business, Reddit has become an increasingly useful tool. Whether it’s bouncing ideas off of others, getting feedback or engaging in enthusiastic debates, Reddit gives you immediate access to a wealth of information and, with some fact-checking, informed input from users around the world.

If you’re going to spend an evening on Reddit but want to feel like you’re being productive, check out these subreddits:


/r/GetMotivated – The perfect place to visit to get pumped up and find a fresh attitude.

/r/GetDisciplined – Looking to break a bad habit or lock in a good one? Here’s your subreddit.

/r/MotivationVideos – Motivation in video form


/r/PersonalFinance – Get advice and input on everything from student loans to retirement to savings.

/r/Frugal – Advice and tips on living frugally

/r/Investing – When you take the advice at /r/Frugal seriously and have cash to invest


/r/MaleFashionAdvice or /r/FemaleFashionAdvice – Learn how to dress well, get input from internet sartorialists

Health and Food

/r/Cooking – Figure out how to boil water/chop onions/create incredible dishes

/r/EatCheapAndHealthy – A subreddit focusing on eating well and spending well

/r/Fitness – Getting in shape with 6M+ subscribers

Entrepreneurship and 21st Century Business

/r/Sales – Focused on sales– and open to anyone looking to learn or perfect the art of selling.

/r/Entrepreneur – Support, advice, brainstorming, gut checks alongside other entrepreneurs

/r/eCommerce – Learn how to sell online

Other Extremely Useful Subreddits

/r/BuyItForLife – Ever wondered what products to buy if you want them to last the rest of your life? Is quality on your mind? You’ve found your spot.

/r/Travel – Planning a trip or looking to catch the travel bug? Click, click.

/r/ExplainLikeImFive – Hoping to understand a complex subject? Have it explained to you as if you were five-years-old.

/r/IWantToLearn – Invite Redditors help you learn a new skill or hobby.


There are thousands and thousands of other subreddits and it’s well worth creating an account if you haven’t yet. And if you’re a Redditor looking to make their Reddit binge more productive, this is a great place to start.

What other subreddits do you recommend visiting?

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